The Water Strategie

The route toward climate adaptation

A change in the climate comes with changes in the volume and intensity of precipitation. This is why it is crucial to have an integrated strategy to cope with both water shortage ánd surpluses. The Water Strategy for Schouwburgplein has been developed to prepare the square for what is to come and to increase its flexibility to adapt. What’s more, it also contributes to the area’s liveability.

Guiding principles have been included in the Water Plan so that Schouwburgplein will be climate neutral and climate change proof by 2030. The plan consists of various separate measures (that do not all have to be carried out at the same time) that together form a circular system as whole. Take for example the Urban Water Buffer, rainwater from rooftops is transported to and collected in an underground freshwater basin. This water can be reused for green roofs and other plants on the square, which has many advantages.

For more information please read the full Water Plan for Schouwburgplein (Dutch only).