The Energy Strategy

Van fossiel From Fossil Fuel to renewable energynaar hernieuwbaar, van centraal naar decentraal

From centralised to decentralised

To limit global warming and its negative effects on our planet, radical measures need to be taken. As soon as we move to sustainable sources of energy then the emission of greenhouse gases (and carbondioxide in particular) will be quickly reduced. An energy strategy has been developed to turn Schouwburgplein from 40% climate neutral in 2020 into 100% climate neutral by 2030.

Apart from being the pillar for making Schouwburgplein more sustainable, energy is also a connecting theme for all the actors on the square. Eight guiding principles have been drawn up in the Energy Strategy to act as a guideline for the future energy system on Schouwburgplein. The most important measures (saving energy, heat and cold storage, solar panels, energy management and buying energy collectively) have been studied closely and are presented in the strategy.

For more information please read the research results and the full version of the Energy Strategy.