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Interested in organizing an event? Here you will find a variety of opportunities. Whether it concerns a festival, performance or business event, there are plenty of possibilities. Click on the specific location for more information.


The Schouwburgplein is a metropolitan and architectural place for all Rotterdammers; a cultural meeting place that is host to festivals and outdoor programs by the major cultural institutions on and around the square. With its program the Schouwburgplein reaches out to a wide audience. Commercial activities that have no connection with art, culture and / or sports are not permitted.

For more information on organizing an event contact Marjorie van der Windt-Veit,

Theater Rotterdam Schouwburg

Theater Rotterdam Schouwburg is a great location for every kind of event. Whether you are organizing an intimate activity or a large corporate event, a prominent theater such as Theater Rotterdam Schouwburg offers everything to make your event a success. Click here for more information or contact the Events team via or 010 4044 111.

De Doelen

De Doelen comprises three groups of halls or complexes: the Grote Zaal (Main Hall, max. 1850 p.), the Willem Burger Zaal (max. 700 p.) and the Jurriaanse Zaal (max. 465 p.). Each complex has its own entrance, hall, foyer, and a number of smaller meeting spaces. One distinctive feature is that these three groups of halls can be used individually or in combination. This makes de Doelen uniquely flexible and perfectly suited for gatherings ranging from 100 to 3000 delegates.

Interested in organizing an event in De Doelen? For more information about cultural events e-mail or call: 010 21 71 739 or 010 21 71 711. For more information on business meetings/events check the website here or call 010 217 17 35

Pathé Business

Pathé is known as the largest cinema chain in the Netherlands. In addition to film screenings, Pathé Business offers countless opportunities for companies, schools and other organizations. Such as theater and room rental for conferences and events, private film shows, sale of film vouchers for business relations and employees.

For information & reservations:
Phone number  +31 (0)20 575 1880 |  Email: |

Pauluskerk Rotterdam

Looking for an iconic place for a meeting or event? The Pauluskerk Rotterdam might be the place you are looking for. The spacious hall of the church is suitable for lectures or concerts and the various meeting rooms offer space for large and small groups. For more information go to

Codarts Agency

Codarts Agency is the link between the performers & musicians of Codarts Rotterdam and the outside world. The Agency maintains relationships with cultural partners, stages and festivals and ensures that (international) talents of Codarts perform throughout the country.

Codarts Agency mediates on behalf of Codarts students at concerts and performances and is responsible for maintaining links with external parties. The Agency handles applications that are submitted at least three weeks prior to the event.

For more information, contact Monica van Steen and Roufaida Aboutaleb from Codarts Agency by mailing to or click here.


The cultural and environmental programme on Schouwburgplein Rotterdam is an initiative of the association Verenigd Schouwburgplein consisting of representatives from Theater RotterdamDe Doelen, International Filmfestival Rotterdam, Rotterdams Philharmonisch OrkestCodartsSKVR, oude LuxorPathé Schouwburgplein, Pauluskerk, residents’ organisations and businesses. The aim of the association Verenigd Schouwburgplein is to further develop Schouwburgplein as a welcoming, metropolitan square for all citizens of Rotterdam.

The association Verenigd Schouwburgplein receives financial support from Rotterdam Festivals, the municipality of Rotterdam and Stichting Bevordering van Volkskracht.


Before the start of the Second World War in 1940, the area where Schouwburgplein is situated now was very densely built-up. In the 1960s the underground car park was completed and De Doelen concert hall opened its doors. Ever since then, the square has been a traffic-free zone. This square is the symbol of change that took place in Rotterdam during the reconstruction period. The new Schouwburgplein was designed and created by architect Adriaan Geuze of West8 in 1996. It floats slightly above street level and acts as a main stage for the city. The metal, rubber and wooden elements in the square refer to the port of Rotterdam. Ever since the new square was completed, it has received criticism and praise. This ranges from international praise for its architecture to fierce criticism on how the square works as a city square. There is a model of Schouwburgplein in the MOMA collection in New York, but this square is also included in the Hall of Shame by Project for Public Spaces: “It is a perfect example of how a design statement does not necessarily result in a good square.”