7 Square Endeavour

Bottom-up Urban Area Development

7 Square Endeavour (7SE) is an initiative for collaborating and improving sustainability with the aim of making cities future proof. The objective is to make cities climate change proof, energy neutral and also healthier and more attractive for its users and residents. 7SE is currently working on seven cultural squares in cities around the world to make them future proof and more sustainable in an integrated way.

This initiative first originated on Schouwburgplein Rotterdam, as a bottom-up project of Theater Rotterdam and De Doelen concert hall. It has now developed into a public-private collaboration between several organisations in the area, government institutions and expert knowledge centres. This partnership consists of: AmvestArcadisde DoelenDura VermeerGemeente RotterdamHHSKManhavehet Ministerie van I&WTheater Rotterdam and TNO.

To improve the sustainability of Schouwburgplein in a hands-on way, two strategies have been developed and a third strategy is in the making.

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