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Would you like to organize an event? There are various options on and around the Schouwburgplein. Whether your request concerns a festival on the square, a performance, business events, or finding a suitable act for your event: the Schouwburgplein has various options! Click on the specific locatioWould you like to organize an event yourself? There are various options for this on and around Schouwburgplein. Whether it concerns festivals on the square, performances or business events, or finding a suitable act for your event: the Schouwburgplein has various options! Click on the specific location for more information.


Schouwburgplein is a space for all Rotterdammers; a cultural meeting place that is colored by festivals and outdoor programmes by the major cultural institutions on and around the square. The Schouwburgplein productions aim to reach a wide audience. Commercial activities that have no connection with art, culture and/or sports will not be supported.

Event Calender
The square’s event calender  is managed by the Vereniging Verenigd Schouwburgplein (assiciation). Do you want to organize an event? Please contact programmer / square manager Marjorie van der Windt-Veit,
City project Schouwburgplein
Schouwburgplein Rotterdam is part of the 7 City Projects from the Rotterdam “Sterker Door” agreement by the Municipality of Rotterdam. On behalf of the United Schouwburgplein Association (VVS), area manager Jan Hiddink represents the interests of everyone who gathers on the square during the development of this urban project. For more information, please contact
Location profile
The Schouwburgplein has a user manual. This can be found in the Schouwburgplein location profile of the Schouwburgplein. In addition, there is a Q & A for the organization of events on the Flying Grass Carpet.
After you have checked with the VVS whether there is space on the Schouwburgplein calendar, you must apply for a permit from the municipality of Rotterdam. The procedure is different for larger events (B/C), for which you must register with Rotterdam Festivals before 1 September. More information about permit types, conditions and terms can be found here.

Theater Rotterdam

Check here for more information or contact the Events team via or 010 4044 111

De Doelen

Culture Rental
Many kinds of cultural events take place in De Doelen: from classical to electronic, blues, jazz, folk, world and coincidentally crossovers. In addition to concerts, De Doelen is also the place to be for festivals, comedy, spoken word and book presentations. There are rooms of different sizes: from 2100 visitors to 150, there is a room for every variation. And by adding halls, the capacity can be increased, up to 3,500 visitors. Look here for more information, mail cultuurverhuur@dedoelen. nl or call: 010 21 71 739 or 010 21 71 711.

Business Meetings
As a conference center, De Doelen is an important player on the national and international conference and event market, where optimum service is paramount. The 4 halls are used for events more than 1200 times a year; concerts in all genres, congresses and other corporate events.
Look here for all possibilities for meetings by calling 010 217 17 35


Pathé is known as the largest cinema chain in the Netherlands. In addition to film screenings, Pathé Business offers countless opportunities for companies, schools and other organizations. Such as theater and room rental for conferences and events, private film screenings, sale of film vouchers for relations and employees, and Pathé Business provides gift cards that can be purchased in our theaters and via the webshop.

For information & reservations:

Phone number:  +31 (0)20 575 1880 | Email: |

Pauluskerk Rotterdam

Looking for an iconic place for a meeting or event? Pauluskerk Rotterdam is happy to open the doors of the building. The spacious church hall is suitable for a lecture or concert, for example, and the various meeting rooms offer space for large and small groups. The added value of the Pauluskerk as a location is, of course, what is happening. If you wish, the Pauluskerk is happy to tell your group what the Pauluskerk does before the meeting. Here you will find more information about renting spaces in the Pauluskerk.

Codarts Agency

Are you looking for a musician, dancer or circus performer? Book Codarts students through Codarts Agency.

Codarts Agency is the agency of Codarts. You can go to the impresario for snacks, performances and (large) events. Every year the students of Codarts give about 150 performances. A selection of the events: the Christmas show in the Burgerzaal (Municipality of Rotterdam) for the Municipal Executive, closing concert of the International Film Festival Rotterdam, 40th anniversary of the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences, opening of the cultural season on Schouwburgplein (Rotterdam) and the opening of the boulevard cross square.

For more information, please contact Codarts Agency, Monica van Steen:


The program at Schouwburgplein Rotterdam is the initiative of the United Schouwburgplein Association, in which Theater Rotterdam, De Doelen, the International Film Festival Rotterdam, the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, Codarts, SKVR, the old Luxor, Pathé Schouwburgplein, the Pauluskerk, residents’ organizations and entrepreneurs are united. The United Schouwburgplein aims to strengthen Schouwburgplein as a welcoming, metropolitan square for all Rotterdammers.

In the article‘The impossible possible, that makes you greedy’ you can read more about the United Schouwburgplein Association. It appeared as a chapter in the book  The City at Eye Level, compiled by STIPO.

The United Schouwburgplein Association does this with the support of Rotterdam Festivals, the municipality of Rotterdam, Foundation for the Promotion of People’s Power en Stichting Zabawas.



Vóór de Tweede Wereldoorlog bevond zich een dichtbebouwde buurt op de plek waar nu het Schouwburgplein ligt. In de jaren zestig werd de ondergrondse garage voltooid en opende de Doelen. Sindsdien is het Schouwburgplein een autovrije zone. Het plein was een symbool voor de verandering die Rotterdam heeft ondergaan als gevolg van de wederopbouw. In 1996 ontwierp en realiseerde Adriaan Geuze van West8 een nieuw Schouwburgplein. Het zweeft boven het straatniveau en fungeert als stadspodium. In het plein verwijzen metalen, rubberen en houten elementen naar de haven. Sinds de oplevering leidde het plein tot discussie, variërend van mondiale lof voor de architectuur tot kritiek op hoe het functioneert als een stedelijk plein. Er ligt een maquette van het plein in het MOMA in New York, maar het Schouwburgplein prijkt ook op de Hall of Shame van Project for Public Spaces: “een perfect voorbeeld van hoe een design statement nog geen goed plein oplevert.”